Paul Bedford, Retention Guru

Beyond 90 days, how to retain more members after the new year rush.

1st February 2022 | 2pm GST

The new year comes around and clubs experience an uplift in visit frequency.

Some are lapsed exercisers returning with a plan to get back on track, other new to exercise and dreaming of a new fitter lifestyle.

In this session I will focus on simple activities all clubs can do to keep their new members for longer, particularly in this busy period.

In this session you will learn

  • Why you need to know your numbers?
  • How to identify those who have most potential to maintain a routine of exercise
  • When to include fitness challenges
  • Why we should set lower expectations and celebrate everything


This Webinar is suitable for gym owners, club managers, personal trainers, coaches and instructors. 

Paul has been working in the fitness industry for more than three decades. Paul currently divides his time between conducting research in the area of retention, attrition and customer loyalty and coaching businesses in practical approaches to improve all areas of the customer experience. Paul’s research has reviewed the data from 4.5 million customers, from 4000+ clubs in 70 topic areas. Has presented more than 150 international presentations in 31 different countries. 17 times for IHRSA. Paul is known for his extensive work with operators developing systems and practices to improve retention. His clients include, Gold’s Gym International, The Gym Group, Marriott Hotels Europe, Elixia Norway, Club Med Gyms Paris, Reebok Sports Club London and multiple leisure and recreational centres, YMCA’s and Independent operators. His recent work has with the Hertfordshire Sports Village increased their revenue by 35% in just two years and generated a regular NPS score of 78+. Paul has two master’s degrees, one in exercise and health behaviours the second in social science research. Paul’s research focus for PhD was in health club member retention.