Dr Dane Vishnubala, Chief Medical Adviser, Active IQ

Supporting your members returning to exercise after Covid-19

6th April 2022 | 1pm GST

Dane has worked as an NHS Doctor for nearly 12 years and has over 20 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry as an exercise professional. He has worked in a number of gyms across the UK and is a strong believer in GPs and PTs working closely together for optimum health outcomes for patients and clients.

Exercise is essential to our physical health and mental wellbeing and is a great tonic to help people get back on their feet after Covid-19.  Dr Dane Vishnubala provides guidance on best practice for supporting clients and members to return to exercise safely post Covid-19. He advises how to best interpret the ‘return to exercise’ guidelines, explains when exercise should commence and reminds of the need to ease people back into exercise safely and effectively to support their return to pre Covid-19 health and fitness levels.


Dane currently works as Consultant Physician in Sport and Exercise Medicine for the MOD, NHS, Yorkshire Sports Medicine Clinics and as the Chief medical Officer for Basketball England. He has worked with GB Basketball, the FA, Welsh FA, as well as a range of other organisations. Dane has also been involved with UK medical groups providing advice on COVID-19 and sport as well as with research groups exploring the implications of the virus. Dane is passionate about teaching and is an experienced tutor and assessor of fitness industry courses having founded CORE Fitness Education: A Health and Fitness Training Provider 10 years ago. He is a Senior Medical Tutor at the Hull York Medical School and the Clinical Lead for the MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine at the University of Leeds. He teaches on the undergraduate medical degree, BSc Sports Therapy and Physical Activity courses as well as Sports Medicine MSc courses. He is currently the Vice-Chair of Education for the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine. 

Dane has a special interest in raising activity levels among people of all ages so they can enjoy good physical and mental health and is currently the Lead Doctor for Public Health England’s Healthcare Professionals Education programme (Physical Activity Clinical Champions Programme).  As the Chief Medical Adviser for Active IQ, a leading leisure industry awarding body, he contributes medical insight and expertise to its diverse range of qualifications for fitness professionals.